Providing Superior Access To Care Through Technology

NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) helps people by ensuring they have reliable access to medical appointments, pharmacies, urgent care centers, or hospitals.

Patients may require NEMT for a variety of reasons including:

  • Are unable use traditional transportation due to special needs
  • Do not have access to a working vehicle
  • Lack public transportation or are geographically isolated
  • Cannot operate a vehicle themselves
  • Lack a valid driver’s license


NEMT helps ensure that passengers have access to routine
and preventative care.  It increases overall health outcomes, avoids costly ambulance transportation, and prevents unnecessary emergency room visits.

3.6 Million

3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to transportation issues every year.

Over 400%

The risk of hospitalization due to missed medical appointments is over 400%.


The average cost of an emergency room visit is $2,100.

$400 - $3000

The typical cost range for an ambulance trip is $400 – $3000.

Eliminating Barriers.
Creating Better Solutions.

Revolutionizing Patients Access to NEMT

RoutingBox was created specifically for NEMT by industry experts. We help your business run more efficiently with the best software solutions.  Capabilities encompass: Routing and Dispatching algorithms, direct broker and payer integrations for seamless importing and billing, and a flexible user interface that is adaptable to any NEMT business on the market.

The Booking Portal helps facilities and transporters reduce the stress caused by repetitive phone calls to book trips and check ETAs.  It increases your trip bookings because of an easy to use, direct, web-browser system.

The ClientLink Passenger App brings the on-demand trip experience right to passengers. The ease of booking and managing their trips is second to none!

Our tools make it easy for patients and providers to book trips in a few simple steps.
Trip status alerts are sent to passengers which allow them to see when their ride will be arriving. This improves wait times on their end, and yours.
Create routes that maximize efficiency in minutes, not days.
Every business is different. RoutingBox gives you the ability to tailor your own routing preferences to get results that match your business model.
Variable vehicle capacities, different passenger needs and modes of transportation, and limitations based on driver qualifications can all be considered by RoutingBox.

With RoutingBox You Will No Longer Deal With...

Bad Address Data

Human Error


Passenger Frustration

Wasted Time

Denial Issues